Paul Kuiven - How Ethnodoxology Drives Movements

Webinar 7th July, Thursday 10 a.m. Central Time (US and Canada)

Ethnodoxology is the practice and study of ethnic worship by people groups or nations. It offers powerful movement dividends. This webinar will review a brief history of ethnodoxology, explore unique features of music and why it is particularly beneficial to movements, and share first-hand examples and opinions from a number of movement leaders. With time for questions and answers, we will look at practical ways in which movement leaders and catalysts can encourage ethnodoxology at the local level, towards moving movement initiatives from pioneer to mid-way to movement stages.

Paul Kuivinen, PhD, is an ethnomusicologist, performer of twelve Central Asian ethnic instruments, studio engineer, and has led indigenous song creation workshops for twenty minority-language communities. He is a disciple-maker, DMM trainer, and researcher on the role of indigenous arts in DMMs.

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